Friday, Saturday, Sunday
July 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2021


It is with much regret and disappointment that BRW Festival organising committee advise that the literary event planned for  July, 2020 is to be postponed.

The good news (and Lord knows we can all do with some) is that Ignite Your Mind Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival will now be staged on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, July 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2021.

To date almost all of the authors who were to be part of Festival 2020 have indicated they will be available to join us in July, 2021.

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Thank you for your continued support and we very much look forward to staging our fourth literary festival in 2021.





The recent Burdekin Library / Burdekin Readers and Writers Association Virtual Author and Illustrator week saw a group of 6 join with biographer Jeff Apter in a Zoom session where he  chatted about what lead him to take up a career as a biographer as well as the subjects of his publications. As a great fan of music he found himself motivated to be ‘part of the scene’ and by the desire to write ‘something different…better… about musicians and their world.’ As a journalist he had written for  the Rolling Stone magazine for some 20 years before he responded to a challenge to produce his own book. What followed his first publication that featured Daniel Johns and Silverchair has been a succession of biographies (some of which were co-written) that he believes were about revealing the true people behind the stardom and the reputations.     

His publications cover an impressive list of musical talent including Kasey Chambers, Keith Urban, Johnny O’Keefe, Helen Reddy, Dave Grohl, Chili Peppers, Gwen Stefani, the Finn Brothers, Jeff Buckley and Shirl. Jeff has also written Michael Slater’s sporting biography and two biographies detailing the wartime experiences of  Australian soldiers.

In response to questions from participants Jeff likened co-writing biographies to being on a psychiatrist’s couch where the relationship between the subject and the writer is one of trust where ‘you wait for stuff to emerge.’ It was obvious to all of us listening to him that he enjoyed working with ‘people’ and saw the non-fiction genre of biography as ‘a puzzle that already exists’ and that its key focus is to always deal with the facts. He believes a biography should avoid sensationalism where everything that is written is substantiated. He also enjoys being able to write about his subjects while they are alive so as to focus on what they have achieved along with the misfortunes and dark times that they have experienced. Jeff’s ambition is to have one of his works made into a TV show which would allow him to learn the art of screen writing. His secret hope is that his publication on the Gibbs Brothers may be the one that becomes the TV series.”


Chris Masters

The regional literary festivals have long been a personal favourite, with the Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival at the top of the list. I am grateful for council investment in intellectual and creative nourishment, which in my view is every bit as sustaining as...

Matthew Condon

I am writing to express my unconditional support for the Ignite Your Mind readers and writers festival. I have been privileged to have been invited to the previous festivals in Ayr, but the 2018 event, with its diverse program and its plethora of writers from a...

Dr Ruth Armstrong & Helen Fielder-Gill

It was writer, Nick Earls’ twitter feed that got us to the Burdekin. The tweet, which appeared in his timeline in about April, said something like this: “It’s confirmed! Going to the Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival. Ignite your mind!” We travelled from NSW to...

Susan Johnson

"My experience of the Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival was a moving one. People at panels were open and intimately involved with the ideas behind books, with the writers who wrote them. Remote or rural Australians often miss out on experiences common to city...

Burdekin Catholic High School – Indigenous Education

Fire Starters – How to be an Agent of Change The Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival – the content, the context and the contributors all converge, creating a uniquely “Burdekin” experience. On Friday, 12 October, Burdekin Catholic High School hosted Warren Mundine,...

Morris Gleitzman

In 2016 I was a guest of the Ignite Your Mind Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival. In a few days I met a broad cross-section of local residents and several hundred local school students. These readers, young and old, embraced everything I offered them to enrich...

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Kid Lit & Adult Lit Festival – Unique Combination

Kid Lit & Adult Lit Festival – Unique Combination

Kid Lit and Adult Lit Festival - Unique Combination Festival co-ordinator Mickey McKellar talked, in an interview, about how the Kid Lit and Adult Lit program worked well. How a visionary aligned two venues — the Burdekin Theatre and Library, which are...



by Leanne Green “Flairy Floss and Flerris Wheels are my favourite things at the show” Billy told his class when it was his turn to answer the teacher’s question about the show. “OK” said the teacher, “but say it again slowly and think about the words, as saying it too...

Never Again by Mickey McKellar

Never Again by Mickey McKellar

Never Again – What a topic! What to write about? What is it about my life that I have no real regrets and I am struggling to recall something that I would never repeat? Over the past month I have wracked my brain trying to recall something to put on paper.  Nothing...

A poem for the poets

A poem for the poets

We gathered in the Library, Ten people with an aim, And first we introduced ourselves, Explained why there we came; Nine ladies and a gentleman, All like to use a pen, A pencil or computer to Spin words together, then Share what we’ve written with a hope It might go...

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An Evening with Dame Quentin Bryce

An Evening with Dame Quentin Bryce

As Australia’s first female Governor-General, Quentin Bryce handwrote fifty or so letters each week. They were to people she had met and connected with as her role took her from palaces to outback schools, from war zones to memorials, from intimate audiences to lavish...

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