Friday, Saturday, Sunday
July 17th, 18th & 19th 2020

Beginning in 2015, the focus of the “Ignite Your Mind” Burdekin Readers’ and Writers’ Festival has always been to bring together Australia’s best authors so residents and visitors could enjoy an intimate weekend of words, while also enjoying the delights of our beautiful region.
This tradition and focus continues to this day as we prepare for another amazing festival in 2020.


Bill Tweddell

On 14 October 2018, at the invitation of Ms Mickey McKellar, I moderated a session of the Ignite Your Mind Festival in Ayr with the author and journalist Chris Masters focused on his book No Front Line: Australia's Special Forces at War in Afghanistan. This was the...

Burdekin Catholic High School

I wish to formally express my support of the Burdekin Readers' and Writers' Association's (BRWA) valuable cultural initiative, Ignite Your Mind Burdekin Readers' and Writers' Festival. Over the past four years, I have been privileged to have the opportunity to...

East Ayr State School

I’m writing in support of the Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival and its dedicated and hardworking Committee. The Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival (BRWF) offers our community an excellent opportunity to engage in activities that stimulate thought, inspire...

Burdekin Catholic High School – Indigenous Education

Fire Starters – How to be an Agent of Change The Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival – the content, the context and the contributors all converge, creating a uniquely “Burdekin” experience. On Friday, 12 October, Burdekin Catholic High School hosted Warren Mundine,...

Ayr State School

Firstly thank you for providing our students with the opportunity to workshop with a quality author like Oliver Phommavanh. Our students have developed a real love for writing and were thrilled to have a chance to further their skills. I want you to know that we...

Professor Roly Sussex

Reflecting on your outstanding Festival, it strikes me that you have got several things very much right. First, the size. I am sure there is a critical mass below which festivals like this won’t work. But I suspect there is also an upper limit, which has been exceeded...

Past Festivals

BRW Is incredibly proud of the amazing line-up of Authors and Journalists who have been involved in the event since it’s inaugural year in 2015.

Click on the images below to see details of our past festivals.

Burdekin Writing Group

BRW Scratchy Scribblers Writing Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

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Members Musings

Kid Lit & Adult Lit Festival – Unique Combination

Kid Lit and Adult Lit Festival - Unique Combination Festival co-ordinator Mickey McKellar talked, in an interview, about how the Kid Lit and Adult Lit program worked well. How a visionary aligned two venues — the Burdekin Theatre and Library, which are...


by Leanne Green “Flairy Floss and Flerris Wheels are my favourite things at the show” Billy told his class when it was his turn to answer the teacher’s question about the show. “OK” said the teacher, “but say it again slowly and think about the words, as saying it too...

Never Again by Mickey McKellar

Never Again – What a topic! What to write about? What is it about my life that I have no real regrets and I am struggling to recall something that I would never repeat? Over the past month I have wracked my brain trying to recall something to put on paper.  Nothing...

A poem for the poets

We gathered in the Library, Ten people with an aim, And first we introduced ourselves, Explained why there we came; Nine ladies and a gentleman, All like to use a pen, A pencil or computer to Spin words together, then Share what we’ve written with a hope It might go...

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Past Events

Between our major festivals we host regular meet-ups, writers workshops, book launches, author talks and more. Here is where you will find all the events we have held in the last few years.

An Evening with Dame Quentin Bryce

As Australia’s first female Governor-General, Quentin Bryce handwrote fifty or so letters each week. They were to people she had met and connected with as her role took her from palaces to outback schools, from war zones to memorials, from intimate audiences to lavish...

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