David Metzenthen

David-MetzenthenDavid Metzenthen is an Australian writer for children and young adults who was born in Melbourne, Victoria in 1958.

As a child, David was a nature boy; he loved fishing and farm work, exploring the bush, and being outdoors under the stars. He also lived very much inside his own head; feeling that the world was a place of unlimited adventure. He harboured dreams of becoming a cowboy, a fisherman, a farmer, a sailor, or a writer. Instead he left home at eighteen, with a copy of Jack Kerouac’s On the Road for company, and hitch-hiked his way around New Zealand, where he held a variety of jobs.

David worked as a builder’s labourer and advertising copy writer before finding success as a writer of books for children and young adults and deciding to write full-time.

He tries to surf, fly-fish, and is a keen environmentalist. The natural world is where he likes to spend his time, and he endeavours to write books that are thoughtful and well-crafted. David is married to Fiona, has two children, two parrots, and a good Irish Terrier dog.

He now lives in Melbourne with his wife and two children

Published Works

  • One Minute’s Silence
  • Danger Wave
  • Lee Spain
  • Johnny Hart’s Heroes
  • Finn and the Big Guy
  • Falling Forward
  • Gilbert’s Ghost Train
  • Mick the Mimic
  • The Red Hot Footy Fiasco
  • Stony Heart Country
  • The Colour of Sunshine
  • Wildlight: A Journey
  • Boys of Blood and Bone
  • Tiff and the Trout
  • Blackwater
  • Jarvis 24
  • Tigerfish

This year David Metzenthen is sponsored by McDonalds Ayr