Lesley & Tammy Williams

Lesley-&-Tammy-WilliamsLesley Williams is forced to leave Cherbourg Aboriginal Settlement and her family at a young age to work as a domestic servant. Apart from a bit of pocket money, Lesley never sees her wages – they are kept ‘safe’ for her and for countless others just like her. She is taught not to question her life, until desperation makes her start to wonder, where is all that money she earned? So begins a nine-year journey for answers which will test every ounce of her resolve.

Inspired by her mother’s quest, a teenage Tammy Williams entered a national writing competition with an essay about injustice. Winning first prize takes Tammy and Lesley to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch and ultimately to the United Nations in Geneva. Along the way, they find courage they never thought they had, and friendship in the most unexpected places.

In their book, Not Just Black and White, these remarkable women tell an inspirational story about the power of family and pursuing your dreams.


Published Works

  • Not Just Black and White

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