We gathered in the Library,
Ten people with an aim,
And first we introduced ourselves,
Explained why there we came;
Nine ladies and a gentleman,
All like to use a pen,
A pencil or computer to
Spin words together, then
Share what we’ve written with a hope
It might go into print;
We know our limitations so
We sought for handy hint;

We need encouragement and skill
To share the things we’ve thought,
So, gathered there to learn and share
And maybe to be taught;
I think we‘re Scratchy Scribblers for
We Scribble, this is true;
Our writing isn’t very neat,
It scrawls and wobbles too;
At times it’s very hard to read,
Our spelling isn’t good,
But we all like to write and share
Our stories as we should;

We had some scrumptious morning tea,
We listened or we spoke,
And all of us will go again,
Nine ladies and a bloke;
If we can’t make it every month
We’ll go whene’er we can;
The ‘Scratchy Scribblers’ climb those stairs,
At least that is our plan;
The stairs are steep, but we are keen
To meet and to enjoy
The company of others there,
And writing skills employ.

By Anne McCubben                        February, 2017