Burdekin Readers and Writers Association were delighted to welcome back to the Burdekin author Kimberley Freeman.

It was the most amazing weekend last weekend with Kimberley.

On Friday 7th July we hosted a Wine and Cheese Book Launch for her new book, “Stars Across the Ocean”. Over 50 people attended the event and Kimberley is as entertaining and engaging a speaker as she is a writer!

On Saturday 8th she hosted 10 local writers in a workshop to help us plan our novels.

She shared with us her planning process, her tips for getting the words on the page and her favourite productivity hacks, as well as thoughts on what makes a compelling story and how to move the story forward so the reader stays with you.

One activity she gave us was to write a title and blurb for a story based on a list of prompts she gave us. One of the resulting blurbs is below.

The Ballet Resistance

7PQ3R4 is a lowly farm worker who has forever dreamt of being a ballet dancer.

But on Jupiter’s Fourth Quadrant colony, where everyone is required to be as useful as possible and art of any kind is outlawed, this dream is a dangerous one.

When her parents are taken into custody, simply for fostering her desiring to dance, 7PQ3R4 has to make a life changing decision.

If she has any hope of saving her parents she will need to join forces with other underground creatives, take on the entire government and give birth to The Ballet Resistance.

This workshop was so full of practical, implementable advice that I know most of us went home and got working on our projects straight away.

We hope to have Kimberley back in the Burdekin again soon! Make sure you keep an eye out for our upcoming events by following our Facebook Page.